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Boy Scout Troop 79 - Allen, Texas

chartered by Christ the Servant Lutheran Church


Welcome to Troop 79 - Allen, TX

Take a look at our Facebook page for information about Troop 79.

Adult Training in November

Nov 1 – Advancement Academy – 8:30-4:00, Camp Wisdom
Nov 1-2 NRA Rifle Training – Camp Wisdom
Nov 7-9 & 14-16 Powderhorn high adventure training
Nov 15-16 NRA RSO training – Camp Wisdom

If you have questions, you can find most of this on Circle Ten website or on Campmaster. If not, then email the scoutmaster.

CtSLC Personal Care Kit Drive – donate items BEFORE Nov. 8

On November 8, our charter church will be assembling donated items to send care kits to Sierra Leone (West African country hit hard by Ebola disease). They need the following items for the care kits.
You may bring these to troop meetings before Nov. 8.
    - Metal Nail Clippers (attached file optional), removed packaging
    - Sturdy Comb, remove packaging
    - Adult-size toothbrush in original packaging
    - Bath-size bars (2 for each care kit) 4-5 oz. size, any brand, in original wrapping
    - Light-weight bath-size towel (20”x 40” to 52”x 27”), dark color recommended

Popcorn Orders - Turn-in orders – Nov 3

All popcorn forms must be turned in by November 3. Remember to report your weekly sales, and turn in your filled-in sheets to the Fairview Office to receive your R/C Tumbler prize. And don’t forget... the top 3 salesmen (or anyone who sells $1000 of popcorn) will be invited to Steakhouse 79, where they will enjoy an awesome steak dinner experience on an upcoming campout.

Committee Meeting at the church– Tues. Oct. 28, 7:00pm

All registered adults are invited to join us in the Church Library, on Tuesday, 10/28. This is your chance to help us plan the business side of the troop, and to get first-hand news of upcoming opportunities. We need your ideas and expertise! Please join us in our efforts to make Troop 79 great, and to give our boys every opportunity to advance and succeed in scouting.

Merit Badge College – Saturday Oct. 25 9:00 – noon

The updated list of Merit Badges are now:
    - Personal Fitness
    - Citizenship in the World
    - Digital Technology
    - Automotive Maintenance

CtSLC Fall Cleanup Day at the church – Oct. 18 8:00am - noon

If you are not going on the campout this weekend, then please try to donate some time on Saturday morning, to represent our Troop and help our charter organization. There will be donuts and coffee. Susan Hanfland will be leading this, and will send out a reminder later this week. Remember to sign-in so that we can give you service credit. Wear RED Class B T-shirt, so that our church can spot us easily as Troop scouts.

Campout – Special Cooking – Oct. 17-19

So far we have 24 scouts and 5 adults attending the Cooking Campout at Camp Wisdom. There is still time and still room to join us, but you need contact me as soon as possible so that I can notify the buyers of any additions. This will be a fun hangout campout, with plenty of time to prep for each meal, so this is the time to bring out those more complicate recipes. Last Monday, each patrol drew themes or restaurants from the special camping hat. Some of the restaurants or themes were “IHOP, Taco Bell, Cracker Barrel, Italian, Chinese, French...”. Each meal could have a different theme. I’ve already heard some interesting recipes including chicken tortellini, beef stroganoff, and crème brulee. Yes... Mr. E. has a cooking torch. Yum!!!

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