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Welcome to Troop 79 - Allen, TX

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Sponsored by: Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Allen, TX

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Hunters & Runners campout Jan. 10-12

We have 38 youth and 16 adults attending this weekend. This includes Webelos from Pack 308 & 407 who will be camping and cooking with us. Troop 777 will also be camping at Bull Elk campsite, and will join us in the games this year.

For those not familiar with hunters & runners, it is basically a style of hide & seek on an island. For this campout we are at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, near Bridgeport, TX. Sid Richardson is on Lake Bridgeport and includes Stripling Island. This campout is more of a “hangout” campout, as there is not a tight schedule of events that we’re packing in.

There is a forecast for rain on Friday, but hopefully it will have moved out by the time we arrive. If the forecast holds, then we should have great weather during the day on Saturday for running around the island. The nights will be cold, so be prepared with layers. Check the equipment list, and special notes below for sleeping tips.

See you on Friday night. Bring your cameras and take pictures!

Special Notes:
     -  No Burn Ban - We plan to have a fire on Saturday night, with s’mores, of course!
     -  Cold nights: Overnights will be around 40.
          -  Bring layers, blanket for inside the sleeping bag, or second sleeping bag.
     -  Tips for cold weather sleeping:
          -  wear a knit hat or a hoodie
          -  dry socks & underwear (hi-tech thermal fabric works better than cotton)
          -  mummy sack or plug up the gaps around shoulders with extra clothes
          -  use a foam pad instead of air pad (or foam on top of air pad) to get off the cold ground and
              insulate bottom of sleeping bag
     -  Chance of rain on Friday, so prepare for wet conditions
          -  Use dry-sacks or waterproof bags for personal gear.
          -  Keep your sleep clothes in a separate ziplock to keep dry.
     -  Bring a camp chair if you want to sit around the fire. Ground will be cold.

Departure/Trip Plans/Arrival:
Meet: CtSLC Friday night at 6:30 PM
Depart: 7:30 PM
Camp: Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, campsite: Sitting Bull
Arrival: Back at CtSLC church on Sunday by Noon

Weather Forecast for Bridgeport, TX:
At this time there is rain in the forecast for earlier on Friday. Hopefully, it will have moved out by Friday evening. If the forecast holds true, then we should have lows of 40 and a high on Saturday of a sunny 60 degrees. This would be excellent hunters & runners weather!!!

Friday Night
     -  Partly cloudy. Low 39F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.
     -  Sunny. High around 60F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.
Saturday Night
     -  Clear. Low 39F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.
     -  Mainly sunny. High 68F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph.

2013 - year in review

      50 register scouts
      228 Merit Badges
      64 Rank Advancements  -   from Scout Rank to Eagle Palms
      -   Scout 13
      -   Tenderfoot 15
      -   2nd Class 10
      -   1st Class 3
      -   Star 9
      -   Life 6
      -   Eagle 6
      -   Eagle Palm 3

Orienteering campout Nov. 16-17

Competitive Courses
IMPORTANT: If you want to register as a competitor, you MUST let Brian know by Monday morning which course you want to compete in.

All competitors must be registered by Monday at 6:00 PM. If you wait to tell Brian at Monday’s troop meeting, it will be too late. After that, I can only register us as recreational teams or individuals. I suspect most will just want to register as recreational.

Recreational Courses:
Most of the scouts enjoy running the course as a recreational team. We will sign up the teams and course levels on Monday night during the troop meeting. Check out the attachments for details on the course colors. You can also find information on the NTOA website. The levels, from easiest to hardest are: WHITE YELLOW ORANGE BROWN GREEN RED

This is a ONE NIGHT campout, we’ll leave Saturday morning
Meet at church: Sat. 11/16 at 6:30 am
Registration at All-Saints at 9:00am
Return to church: Sunday 11/17 around noon

How Much?
Additional fee for E-Punch Rental $3 per finger stick Brown, Red and Green Courses

    Scouts:                               Adults (20 and older):
    $10 Competitive registration fee (or) $20 Competitive registration fee (or)
                                          $20 Recreational Individual (or)
    $20 a Recreational Team               $20 a Recreational Team
        (of two scouts $10 a scout)           (of two adults $10 per adult)

    $11 camping fee ($6 food budget)      $11 camping fee ($6 food budget)

    Totals                                Totals
    $24 Brown Red or Green Courses        $34 Brown Red or Green Courses
    $21 White, Yellow or Orange Course    $31 White, Yellow or Orange Course
        (Competitive)                         (Competitive or Recreational Individual)
    $21 White, Yellow, Orange Rec team    $21 White, Yellow, Orange recreational team
        (must sign up in pairs)               (must sign up in pairs)

This event is hosted by North Texas Orienteering Association. Their website is . I will register us, so you don’t need to worry about that, but you can visit the website to get information about the meet.

What is Orienteering?
Check out the attachments for a description of orienteering

Waiver Form
Last year, NTOA required that all participants under 18 must have a waiver form signed by parent or guardian. I assume it is the same this year. Please print out and sign this form, and bring it with you on Saturday morning. (at 6:30).

Merit Badge College Nov. 9

This Saturday, 11/9 from 8:00am to noon and Christ the Servant Lutheran Church. Please remember to bring a water bottle, worksheets, paper, pencil/pen, and wear your Class A uniform. If you didn't sign up for anything, you are free to come as 3 of the 4 MBs have some space left.

Print out the worksheets and look over the items that the different merit badge counselors recommended completing before the college.

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